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A Natural Approach to Healing

Welcome to Vella Massage and Wellness!

My focus is on targeting those areas of your body that have been stressed and strained by your occupation, sport, and/or daily activities. Given my unique background as a nurse practitioner for over 35 years, I combine my medical expertise and experience with the beautiful field of massage therapy to help my clients find relief.  Whether you are seeking pain management or simple relaxation, together we will accomplish a healthier, stronger, and more vibrant you. 

Theresa Vella LMT, PNP


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Prior to starting your quiet and relaxing massage, we will discuss factors affecting your stress or pain level and will take steps to encourage your journey to healing. This includes an overview of beneficial stretches, nutritional outlook, and self-care.

Medical Massage: 

(60 mins. $80)

Addresses muscle and skeletal issues diagnosed by a medical practitioner

Relaxation Massage:

(60 mins. $80)

Quiet, relaxing massage using smooth, gliding strokes to decrease stress found within the body

Pregnancy Massage: 60 mins.  $80

Focuses on the special needs of expecting women to ease pain and discomfort that accompanies pregnancy

Heavenly Series Package 

(5 sessions $375 / 10 sessions $750) 

Packaged Relaxation Massage sessions to promote relaxation into your routine of self-care.

Medical Management Packages 

(5 sessions $375 / 10 sessions $750) 

Packaged Medical Massage sessions created for those who live with discomfort and pain on a daily basis.

Pregnancy Massage Series 

(5 sessions $375 / 10 sessions $750)

This series provides expectant mothers with several hour-long massage sessions tailored to the special needs of pregnant women, addressing their aches and pains and allowing much-needed comfort and rest. 


Group Chair Massage:  15 mins per person    $20

Excellent for group gatherings or private parties, Chair Massage is performed in a specially-designed chair while fully clothed to promote relaxation and stress relief. Often used by groups to encourage self-care and wellness.

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Recent Testimonials

See what others say about our services

Theresa is truly amazing! I've struggled for 3 year after a MVA and have a number of treatments. what separates Theresa from everyone is she listens and HEARS what you are saying and feeling. She studies your pain so at your next session she has ideas, new ways to work on you. she collaborates with other medical professionals to seek their opinion and treatment options. Theresa I appreciate you, and the passion for what you love. Thank you!

Tiffany M

Theresa was amazing! She is so welcoming and has the most beautiful energy. They massage was so relaxing and felt so good. I left feeling so relaxed, all the tension had left my body and I felt like my body was stretched and lengthened. I sit a lot at work so I am so scrunched up a lot and don’t have great posture. Theresa really worked on the muscles where I carry the most tension and stress and I felt totally rejuvenated walking out. Highly recommend!!

Katherine J

Theresa was instrumental in alleviating chronic pain in my left leg associated with the piriformis muscle (something I didn’t know until I saw Theresa). Thanks to Theresa, I not only feel better but learned the cause of my pain and why. I’m so grateful for her help. A great physical and educational experience. I’ve had other massages in the past but none have been as healing and informative.”

Alex N

Clean, safe, calming atmosphere, easy to get to. My treatment was done with great care after being asked a lot of good questions about my specific needs. Definite thumbs up.

Richard A

This was a wonderful prenatal massage! The immaculate facility and Theresa’s kind and caring demeanor completely put me at ease! I’ve already booked my next massage. I would highly recommend Theresa and her expertise to anyone.

Kristine S

I have been getting massages regularly for years, and my experience here is one I have already been raving about to friends and family and will continue to do so. Theresa was absolutely wonderful! From her demeanor and her personality down to her excellent massage, I felt so comfortable and relaxed!!! This is probably the best massage I have ever gotten! She was awesome!!!

Melissa R.

This was the best massage that I've received and so relaxing. Exactly what I needed!


Miranda K.

Absolutely it was an amazing emotional and physical healing experience for me. I have finally found a place where I can focus on myself inside and out. When someone is in pain, moving one's body for even simple measures can be difficult. After my session, I felt like I am now on a new path to wellness.

Sandra T.

I had a wonderful experience at Vella Massage and Wellness. Theresa is a consummate professional. She is also very warm, friendly and caring. I loved how she had the room and the massage table warmed before I arrived. She truly understands how caregivers also need to be taken care of. I had a medical massage. I believe it did help the swelling in my leg. I would definitely recommend a massage with Theresa.

Kathleen C.


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